Wedding Cake Trends

We think wedding cakes deserve all the attention and applause they get from their guests. This year we have selected the top favourites to be featured at weddings around the world. If you thought we would suggest fancy fondant cakes that are difficult to eat, you’re wrong. As you peruse our  list of wedding cake ideas, be prepared to smack your lips.


Ombr These cakes are stunning to look at. They can be decorated both on the outside and inside. The cakes are usually two-tiered with the possibility of adding additional layers if desired. You’ll also notice that each layer of this cake is different when you cut it. We mentioned in our previous article  Wedding Trends that pastel colors are very popular right now. This delightful cake would go well with a blush bridesmaid gown.




Ruffles & Glitter If you are looking for a simple but elegant cake, why not try a ruffled layered one? These 2014 wedding cakes are both elegant and feminine. You can add a touch of party spirit to each slice by choosing a cream or white frosted cake with gold dust sprinkled on top. We’ve already mentioned that white and gold are hot colours for weddings in this year.




Nut Cakes: We love the idea that a naked cake is a cake without frosting or decorations and can be clearly seen for what it really is. We think the naked cake idea will appeal to couples who are looking for a cake with a great flavour, but that looks fresh from the oven. This is why many couples will choose to surprise their guests with a 2014 wedding cake.



2014 is the year to experiment with flavours and textures. It’s a great time to meet with your supplier or wedding cake baker and ask them to create a new flavour for your wedding cake based on your ideas or to suggest playful contrasts such as peppermint and coffee, mango and chocolate, or peppermint and espresso.

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